Are you a Human Resource Manager or Training Facilitator? Are you looking to improve the professionalism and perhaps add a fresh look to key women leaders within your company? If so, you do not want to miss the opportunity to hear motivational speaker, celebrity makeup artist, Dallas Makeup Artist, business coach and wellness professional, Laura Schakosky. Laura specializes in creating professional images for corporate leaders and will customize her unique program to match your company’s needs. This has proven to be a valuable tool for sales teams, managers and executives who have a high level of visibility and desire to have their appearance match the attitude they want to project.

With over 25 years experience, Laura brings comprehensive thinking and Hollywood-like experience to every seminar. Using her expertise, she shares what it takes to explore a new attitude along with a new look and bring them both to life. Trade secrets, used by some of the country’s most influential people, are also shared as a new creative image emerges from this new found knowledge.

During seminars, participants gain insights into:

1. Ways to relieve stress, relax more and focus the mind.
2. Foods incorporated into the diet to feel better and clear up skin imperfections.
3. How to amplify the senses, enhance creativity and use intuition as a business tool.
4. Acquire easy methods to make the skin look incredibly fresh and young.
5. Experience an understanding of color psychology and how it relates to choosing makeup colors and textures.
6. How to apply makeup to best express the attributes the participant wants to create.
7. Explore a new way to look at beauty.
8. Understand how a person’s self perception will change as personal growth develops and a new image is perceived.

Each participant will create a new look that is powerful and personal for them. Laura guarantees no one will walk out of the seminar looking or feeling the same. This is the beauty of her unique presentation.

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1403 Slocum St #310
Dallas, TX 75207

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